Nibras is getting older

Sure i haven’t been telling anything about my nephew, Nibras (because this is my first story). He is two years old now. But one thing that certain about him is… he is my sunshine. Everybody’s sunshine. We love him and every single thing that he says about cars, lizard, cocroach, plane, etc, etc… He can’t stop talking!

So the other day, Echy bought him a helicopter balloon. And it had to be a surprise which turned out not to be so because he just stepped out into our house when we just called the ‘balloon man’. He was very happy. Didn’t stop playing with his balloon, making a story about it, even kissing it with his wet lips! But unfortunately, yesterday the balloon flew away. Lucky for him, not too long after that, the balloon man just passed and her mother bought another balloon (a horse!) and i can tell you that he was even more excited when he got his new balloon. He danced and laughed watching her mom buying him his new one. The funniest thing was when he just realized that his horse can fly just like his helicopter. He thought that only his helicopter that can fly.

I just can’t stop laughing thinking about that.

Nibras with his helicopter

Nibras with his horse


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